So this is the first week assignment for Art, Heart & Healing, a 4weeks free course by Tamara Laporte (here, it is not too late!)
Do I need to tell how much I enjoyed this first videos? I really had a great time writing down my thoughts, covering them, converting them into positive ones.

Voici donc la double page faite pour la 1ère semaine du cours gratuit (si, si!) de Tamara Laporte, intitulé Art, Heart & Healing (ici, et il n’est pas trop tard!). Inutile de dire que j’ai eut énormément de plaisir à écrire toutes les pensées négatives à mon sujet (enfin, pas toutes, une petite page, c’est déjà pas mal), et ensuite les recouvrir et les transformer en affirmations positives.

I deserve to succeed & to be approved for who I am

I deserve to succeed & to be approved for who I am

I kept the same kind of compositions, that I found harmonious. I tried the mix of acrylic paint+watercolor the way Tam is doing it, although I use them together very often, I never did it that way, with white to smooth the texture and colours. Of course my skin tone colour do not require any pink ! But actually I really focused on getting the tone as close as possible from my own skin, since it’s also representing me… and skin is also a border between me and others…

I tried to use all the techniques Tamara showed, on my own way.

Regarding the Healing message from that drawing, it’s about the fact that I always feel illegitimate to get any success from my work (“anyone could do that”, “it’s not so great/original/creative”, & all this sort of bla, bla, bla). And feeling illegitimate to get this reward, I also tend to unconsciously avoid situations where I could get some reward… My focus is then “ENJOY”, to remind me to enjoy what I deserve. And a crown on my head to claim what I deserve !


About Sofiah
What is not there may become true and real if you put yout energy into it.

2 Responses to Self-Portrait

  1. noko says:

    ça doit être génial comme cours! Et puis 2 pages c’est déjà pas mal !!
    Au final j’y vois beaucoup de douceur !

    • Sofiah says:

      Et, mais tu sais que si tu suis les liens, les videos sont toujours en ligne, et c’est gratuit – mais en anglais…

      De la douceur… hum..; avec du recul, mais c’est vrai !!!

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