21 Secrets#2 Art Journal As a Soul Mirror

This is my final page for my 2nd workshop in 21 secrets.

I really enjoyed the process of creating it, it gave me nice and wonderful feelings and messages, it brings back some confidence about being at the right place.

My Soul is Home Anywhere

My Soul is Home Anywhere

I’ve always wanted to travel. Ever since I’m a young child, I can remember climbing the hills behind the house to try to know what was behind. I’ve always wanted to know what was behind, what was further. The unseen, the unknown. My Dad spent his all life travelling. I was born far away from my ancestor’s country. And moreover I really didn’t like the place I was brought up. That explains many things.

The way

The way

I’ve always manage ever since to travel. To travel a lot. Not the kind of so exotic travels one would expect. Not only to travel, but also to move to other places. To experience living there. I’ve lived in France, in Scotland, in Holland, now in Turkey. Of course sometimes I miss my friends in France. Of course, things are not always easy. In those days, the black silly idea comes back “what if…” “a normal life…“. But deep in my heart and Soul, I know this is my normal life.

Doubts ?

Doubts ?

Yes, my Soul is Home Anywhere.



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What is not there may become true and real if you put yout energy into it.

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